Vipker Vegyesipari és Kereskedelmi Ltd.

VIPKER Kft. : Hungary 3068, Mátraszőlős,Gomba út 6. Tel.: +3632/569-010; Fax: +36 32/569-011 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Mátyás Győri Managing Director, +36 20/454-5930, Győri Zoltán Managing Director, +36 20/323-6453


Our enterprise was founded in 1991, as a partnership. We started with the manufacturing of spareparts needed in agricltural machinery. We created our plant in Mátraszőlős, where we brought off a development and by 1997 we have had a 500m2 production space with the necessary/needful infrastructure. administrative offices and social welfare premises meeting the requirements of an appropriatre envinronmant in all aspects of modern industry. In

1998 the circumstances and the company's successes lead to a change in its structure, the former partnership has been tranferred into limited liability company.

In 2000 we enlarged the area of our plant by purchasing the neighbouring area on which we introduced the surface treatment technology. By the end of this period in our company's life, we managed to achieve our previously set goals by the millenium:

Gradual growth in the opportunities of emlpoying, well qualified labourforce, safe and flexible working conditions. Consecutive/steady and flexible supply of materials for the representatives of processing industry. Well organized infrastructure and administrative system.

Our activity is done in suppliers cooperation with other companies, Wamsler Se Salgótarján, Frank Hungária Kft Ózd, Bátony-Metall Kft Bátonyterenye, Hauraton Kft Halásztelek, Nuovi Prodotti Kft Salgótarján, Eglo Magyarország Kft Pásztó.

Products, services

  • Oil stoves componets
  • Solid Fuel Cookers componets
  • Fireplace componets
  • Rainwater collector ditch
  • Hatch closing moving compoments
  • Componets to agricultural leverages
  • Surface treatment
  • Electorstatic painting




  • Cold forging
  • Stamping
  • Curving
  • Cutting
  • Welding: AWI, CO
  • General locksmith technologies
  • Plasma-cutting
  • Surface treatment
  • Self organised distribution