WAMSLER SE European Householding Company

Wamsler SE 3100 Hungary Salgótarján, 53-55. Rákóczi Road
Tel.: +3632/411-833; Fax: +3632/312-695; +3632/513-755,


WAMSLER SE is one of Europe’s longest established solid fuel stove and cooker manufacturers. With our production facilities based in Hungary, and a prestigious affiliate in Germany, the firm has successfully combined and made use of traditional values and innovation with state-of-the-art manufacturing and strict quality control to become one of the leading solid fuel stove and cooker manufacturers in Europe.

We offer a wide portfolio of products ranging from urban through futuristic to classic and traditional styles, in accordance with the versatile stylistic and functional demands of the modern home and the demands of the conscious and exigent customer. WAMSLER SE is proud to be a renowned supplier on the German, British, French, Italian and other European markets known for their high expectations.

Our continuous investment into research, innovative design and product development has created what is probably one of the largest ranges of fireplaces, stoves and cookers available. Wamsler is a market leader in Hungary in most of its products, and it has a significant market position at a European scale as well. Wamlser supplies a wide range of products both in national and export markets.

Product, services

  • Fireplaces
  • Stoves
  • Solid Fuel Cookers
  • Central heating Cookers
  • Oil Stoves
  • Cast Iron Products




  • Sheet processing
  • Surface treatment
  • Iron molding
  • Assembly