Kovács & Co. Commercial and Service Ltd.

Kovács & Co. Ltd.

address: Gorkiíj körút 6. 2/8. Salgótarján HU-3104
tel.: +36-30-921-66-40
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Kovács József managing director


The company was found in 1991 for the production of lightweight steel. In early years we produced and installed small industrial buildings. Over the years we managed to build bigger steel structures and bigger buildings. We started to build and install car showrooms according to the interests. Through our awareness we have been working at a bigger part of the country.

In recent years at the large investments we work as general contractor.

Over the past 20 years we built more than 100 industrial hall, car showrooms, power stations, and lightweight buildings. We have built and supported a number of facilities made by social work such as the rotary stage of the Cultural Centre of Salgótarján, the grandstands of STC sports field, the elevators of ski tracks in Szilváskő and Eresztvény.

Our aim is to ensure an ongoing workplace for our employees, raising the technical and quality standards.

Products, services

  • Lightweight buildings
  • Locksmithed products




  • Lightweight thermal insulated construction
  • Welding
  • Chipping