Interindustria Tudásközpont Foundation



Representative of the foundation: dr. Paróczai Csaba Director

Head office of ITA Foundation: 3100 Salgótarján, Úttörők útja 6., Hungary

The foundation has been established in 2012 to develop local area with technical based higher education. In 2013 BGF moved it’s Financial and Accounting Course, therefore Nograd County remained without higher education service. The foundation is the most important intellectual base of the area and it has good realtionship with sorrounding companies. Especially because the foundation initiated EGME Cluster (Energetic-, Machine- and Steel Producer and Mechatronical Cluster) in 2009. The foundation took part in the management of the cluster for years. Szent István University Mechanical Engeneering, 3 scientific consulting group, 4 local MNCs and 20 SMEs are participating in the cooperation. The foundation closely cooperates with SZIE University to launch dual education in Nograd County.