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Our firm was estabilished in 2003 with the purpose of helping our clients’ development by growing the organizational knowledge. During our activity we offer operative guidance for our partners.

Our mission: We want to reach our goals by innovative industrial and business developping activities, which strenghts the competitiveness, which based on our value proportional services.

Over the past 8 years by our consistent portfolio developping services, at the endof 2011 the partners, subsystems, mechanisms, engaged in APNB’s operating range, and since than they are able to operate research and development projects based on technological transfer.

APNB took part int he transformation of Pannon Elektronikai Klaszter to Pannon Mechatronikai Klaszter, giving a new found of the set up machinery-industry network cooperation.

In the recent period we focused especially on the areas of Excellence Management. That doesn’t only mean that we gave our survices at this field, but we had an important experience on the area of „Research & Development Excellence”.

On this basis the building of „technological systemintegration” position opened for APNB Kft. which is a central element of the company’s strategy between 2012 and 2016.




Our porfolio of services between the European Business Excellence Model aims the business, service and educational sector’s development at domestic and European areas. 

On the other hand, our company contributes the economical development  by taking system integration role between economical operators, according with the principles of excellence elaborated through economic development approach. We take role in encouraging local development, int he collaboration of small and medium sized industrial enterprises, and the management of various research and development programs.