Mátra Műszaki, Szakoktatási és Továbbképző Ltd.

Mátra Szakoktatás Kft. 3144 Mátranovák, Szabadság út 64.
Tel.: +3632/363-078; Fax: +36 32/363-078,

Zoltán Králik managing director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , +36 20/412-99-15


Our company started in 1991 as a family business. Our principal business is professional secondary education. As a result of continuous development the vocational training takes place in well-equipped workshops in real manufacturing circumstances. There are more than 180 students are provided practical training in different trades, such as welder, carpenter, mason, costumier and village catering.

  • The vocational education takes place in business environment.
  • Students can gain experience to become a well-trained technician.
  • After the vocational training almost every student get a job.

It is absolutely important for us!

  • Student who were doing very well at school have the opportunity to study more at co-institutions.

Product, services

Woodworking activities: timber production, doors, windows, panelling, fence,, pallets, various wooden structures.

Metallurgical activities: manufacture of spare parts, welded steel structures, metal-work process

Dry timber production.




  • Wood and metal elaboration
  • Vacuum drying
  • Wood splitting