Euragro Agrar-development, Advisory and Educational Ltd.


Members of staff:

Dr. Hajas Pál, UN-FAO expert, Rural Development and Rural Tourism expert.

Kodák József, agricultural manager, director, LEADER manager, tel: +36-20-932-5552

André Krisztina, horticulture expert, Rural Development project manager,  tel: 30-645-1073

Contact Information:

Tel: +36-32-491-067, Fax: +36-32-491-076

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Euroagro Agrar-development, Advisory and Educational Ltd. has been establishes in 2001. Mainly managed the development of Kozard and Cserhatalja and its surrounding area. The company quickly became part of international cooperation’s. It coordinated the visit of delegation of KwaZulu-Natal South African Financial Ministry. In 2004 hosted the Sweedish and Danish minister of agrar- and rural development. Euragro set up the Agroservice Group and the strategic development program of Kozard township. The company won 12 projects also won 9 big projects (financed by SAPARD, AVOP, and NORDA). Euragro made its conception of agrar- and rural development of Kozárd-Ecseg-Csécse and its area that was inserted in several area and country program and development documentation. The key elements of the conception are alternative energy production, optimal cultivation, fruits processing, AgroPark fruit and vegetables storage, creation of packaging logistics center, ambitious rider-, agro-, villager-, fishery and hunting tourist developments and also establishment of glof club. The Euragro is the coordinator of Hungarian Agrotourism Consortium since 2003. Furthermore Euragro is the representative of Hungary at Rural Tourism International Organization seated in Amsterdam. The company was the representative of Hungary in an EU project. The main aim of the project was the creation of a regional tourism model area. Company has participated in two rural developments Leonardo da Vinci projects in 2005, where she cooperated with an Austrian and a Czech gestor. From 2003 Euragro dealed with LEADER program. The company won agrar- and rural-development trainings in 2004 and educated 24 Turkish professionals. Currently Euragro prepares the Turkish agrar ministry EU accession documents and blueprints. Euragro and Agroservice Group and Kozard were invited to participate in OEMK FVM Agrar-development Exhibition, where Agrar-development program was presented in 2005. At the companies center there is quality infrastructure and there are many excellent professionals with great international experience and who speak in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, German and Hungarian. Euragro was the gestor of South-Cserhátalja LEADER+ Action Group and the center or Cserhátalja Agrardevelopment Community Strategy Palanning Process. The company works with Debrecen University Agrar and Technological Arts Centrum and is the member of  an international consortium in the ENRD CP EU Commission back institute. As a part of a big international consortium Euragro won Agrar-development Outside Europe tender. The company is the member of AGRER Consortium.