TarjánGép Gyártó és Szolgáltató Ltd.

TarjánGép Ltd. 1124 Budapest, Vas Gereben utca 11/a, 3141. Salgótarján, Zagyva u. 86/d
Tel.: +361/319-6200; +3632/438-333 Fax: +361/319-3393; +3632/513-755

Gábor Őrszigety managing director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. +36 30/950-5649


TarjánGép Kft. was established in 2003 with 2 employees and a single machining centre. The Company has been a member of Masszív Group since its establishment. Apart from providing a professional background and financial resources, Masszív also includes some of our core customers. As a result of the Company’s continuing and dynamic development over the years, we now have 35 employees, 10 CNC machining centres, 3 CNC milling machines and 1 CNC turning lathe to carry out our metalworking and machine-part manufacturing processes in our 1,000-square metre plant.

Our objectives include manufacturing products which fulfil our existing and future partners’ needs as much as possible, expanding our customer base and increasing our capacities by buying new machinery, and thus, fulfilling larger-volume orders. Because of our high-quality work, our customers place not just single orders but also become returning customers, making continual orders and placing their confidence in our Company. In order to ensure quality development, we also obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2009.

As a result of the good business relationships we have established with
our existing partners, our product range expands continuously. Our business policy also includes quick and flexible adaptation to current market conditions, and implementing our customers’ concepts and plans at a high technical level. We are ready to enter into mutually beneficial cooperation with other enterprises and to submit joint bids both domestically and internationally.
Our most important strength lies in the many years of professional experience of our employees, who have formerly enhanced their skills in Germany. We require extreme care, precision, responsibility for the product and quality work from all of our employees.

Products and Services
TarjánGép offers interrelated services in its present manufacturing structure. All steel industry and machine tool manufacturing projects can be carried out at a high level and with appropriate precision within the area and using our suppliers’ network.
The Mitutoyo 3D Coordinate Measuring machine, which we integrated into the system in 2016, is capable of inspecting products according to any existing manufacturing standards. Observing QA standards to the smallest detail and following the path of workpieces - complete with carrying out relevant logistical tasks - are part of the minimum requirements at TarjánGép.

The corporate governance system uses the same interface to present the manufacturing processes, the inventories, the invoicing and the controlling processes. This system allows the Budapest headquarters to monitor all of the Salgótarján plant’s manufacturing capacities and follow products online until they reach their destinations.

Machine parts manufacturing

  • Using CNC machining centres: machining, drilling, milling
  • Milling with CNC milling machines
  • CNC lathe machining
  • 3D metrology lab

Steel structure manufacturing

  • Welding: welding metal, steel and aluminium parts, shielded metal
  • arc welding and electric welding
  • Cutting and drilling steel structures, assembling finished products
  • Grinding, cutting, sheet metal bending

Supplementary services

  • Painting, powder coating, surface finishing
  • Transportation and packaging, storing and stockpiling
  • Technical, design and manufacturing consultancy



Machines used by TarjánGép Kft.

We continuously upgrade our manufacturing machinery. We have bought 4 CNC machining centres and immediately put them into operation at full production capacity over the last 3 years alone. Our machines and equipment are continuously maintained, and we employ dedicated internal maintenance staff to ensure their safe operation.