Salgó Vagyon Salgótarjáni Vagyonkezelő és Távhőszolgáltató Ltd.

The predeccesor company has been founded in 1949 with the aim to handle, maintain, improve and to realize state assets. The Council of Salgótarján has transformed this company to an LTD is 1993, thus the Salgó Vagyon Kft, (hereafter: Company) came into existence.

In 1999 the Company’s scope of duty has been widened by the operation of the Industrial Park, tehrefore the Salgó Vagyon Kft. runs and improves the Industrial Park, which stand sin the Company’s property, for more than ten years. The Company secures infrastructure for 20 enterprises operating within the territory of the Industrial Park and tries to realize the free places still at hand.

The Company’s main activities were for a long time to provide the local government, the residents and other organizations with high quality real estate management and development services. Besides that, the Company delivered service sin real estate distribution, consultin, and valuation.

A quality management system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009. standard has been established int he Cmpany in 2005, which guarantees the high quality of the services.

According to a resolution of the Salgótarján City Council, the Salgó Vagyon Salgótarjáni Önkormányzati Vagyonhasznosító és Ipari Park Üzemeltető Kft. and the TARJÁNHŐ Szolgáltató-Elosztó Kft. have been merged. It caused important changes in the life of the two companies. From 1st of July 2012 the successor company, the Salgó Vagyon Salgótarjáni Vagyonkeelő és Távhőszolgáltató Kft. took over the activities of the TARJÁNHŐ Szolgáltató-Elosztó Kft. Today the Salgó Vagyon Kft. provides district heating services for its users, among them 4000 residential users. The new Company employs cca. 100 persons and is an important economic player in the region.

Every employee accepts the mission of the Salgó Vagyon Kft:

„Our mission is to keep and augment the wealth of the City, to deliver high quality services to our customers, and to acquire and to preserve the appreciation of the citizens of our city.”


  • District Heating Services
  • Asset management
  • Construction works
  • Energy consulting