Cserhátalja Rural Development Association

The Cserhátalja Area

Along the Cserhat Mountains 25 villages and Paszto, a rural town between the Western slope of Matra Hills and the gentle Cserhat Mountains. This is what we call „Cserhatalja” – „The bottom of Cserhat”. The area, which is part of the indigenous Palóc Land, an interesting Hungarian ethnic-cultural-religious traditional area, which overlaps the Hungarian a Slovakian border.


About the Local Action Group

Cserhatalja is a new LAG, established in 2008, for the 2007-2013 EU RD cycle. The lag is based on the previous Del-Cserhat (South-Cserhat) LAG, established in 2005 for the LEADER+. It has been formed in December 2007 with 114 members: 25 villages and 1 small town, 35,000 population (15 villages and 14,500 population in LEADER+) Nearly equal 1/3-1/3-1/3 share of public, private and civil stakeholders.

Activities and objectives: Assist beneficiaries, promote regional and rural development. Foster interterritorial and transnational cooperation. Develop rural economy, boost tourism, preserve cultural heritages, foster transnational cooperation. There is a high demand for village development, job creation, facilitate regional marketing. Target areas: tourism, small-scale food processing (local products)