Nord Consult Ltd.

NORD CONSULT Economic and Innovation Management Ltd. was established in 2005 as an intermediary organisation to SMEs and large enterprises to generate and manage innovation processes and bring scientific and business community closer to each other.

Since its foundation, the company has managed several local, regional, national and international level projects in strong cooperation with the members of the innovation chain. Our experience ranges from small-scale cooperative research projects to the generation and management of large-scale international FDI and economic development projects including financial management.

We have successfully developed our policy, activity focus and clientele in the last years.

Our policy:                              

Providing VIP services to VIP clients.

Securing high quality tailor-made services to our Clients to sustain long-term confidence-based cooperation. We develop our competences and clientele moderately with ensuring absolute priority to the demands of our extant Clients.

The aim of our activity:

Contribution to increase and secure the competitiveness of our Clients with complex and proactive activity in exploring and attaining new financial means and incentives.

Our added-value and comparative advantages:

• customer-oriented approach and tailor-made solutions;
• outstanding international practical experience and network;
• strong business network and high reputation in both the academic and professional community.